Pan Fried Bun

Pan Fried Bun

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Pan-fried buns are Shanghai's specialty snacks. The bottom is golden, hard and crispy, and the steamed buns are white, soft and loose. The meat filling is fresh and slightly marinated. It also has the fragrance of sesame when chewed. It is best to eat while it is hot. Haha, be careful not to burn the juice inside


Pan Fried Bun

1. Add salt, rice wine, light soy sauce, ginger, green onions and pork skin cake to the minced pork and stir well

Pan Fried Bun recipe

2. Mix flour, yeast, and water to form a smooth dough for fermentation

Pan Fried Bun recipe

3. Fermented to 2 times

Pan Fried Bun recipe

4. Exhaust the air to divide the dough into small pieces

Pan Fried Bun recipe

5. Take a dough and roll it out with meat filling

Pan Fried Bun recipe

6. Then discount it

Pan Fried Bun recipe

7. Put oil in the pan and fry the buns for 2 minutes

Pan Fried Bun recipe

8. Add water to half of the steamed buns and cook for 5 minutes

Pan Fried Bun recipe

9. Finally, add an appropriate amount of sesame seeds and cook until the water is dry, then fry for 3 minutes.

Pan Fried Bun recipe


Flour should not be kneaded too hard and soft. If it is sticky, it can be moistened with oil. Flour absorbs water differently, and can be added or subtracted according to the actual situation.


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