Plum Dried Vegetable Biscuits

Plum Dried Vegetable Biscuits

by Orange fruit

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After doing it many times and constantly improving the formula, finally there is a delicious pancake that suits my taste and is satisfied!


Plum Dried Vegetable Biscuits

1. Cut the fat into small cubes and marinate with soy sauce and dark soy sauce for 1 day.

Plum Dried Vegetable Biscuits recipe

2. Rinse the dried vegetables. After soaking in warm water, steam in a steamer for 15 minutes on high heat. After cooling, squeeze out the moisture and chop them.
(This time, the dried plums in a bag are already processed and chopped and not salty)

Plum Dried Vegetable Biscuits recipe

3. Mix the dried plums with the diced meat and put them in the refrigerator for later use.

Plum Dried Vegetable Biscuits recipe

4. Mix the flour with sugar, pour in water and knead to form a dough.

Plum Dried Vegetable Biscuits recipe

5. After waking up at room temperature for half an hour, take out the dough and knead until the surface is smooth.

Plum Dried Vegetable Biscuits recipe

6. Sprinkle a little dry powder on a plate, roll the dough into long strips, and divide them into 4 portions (about 80g each).

Plum Dried Vegetable Biscuits recipe

7. Flatten the dough with your hands, wrap it in the filling (about 40g), use the technique of buns, pinch tightly and close the mouth.

Plum Dried Vegetable Biscuits recipe

8. Wake up the wrapped dough for 10 minutes, press the dough again, and gently roll it into a round cake with a rolling pin, sprinkle some white sesame on the surface of the cake, and gently press it with your hands.

Plum Dried Vegetable Biscuits recipe

9. Turn the pot on the fire, without adding oil, put the pancake in until the golden pancake color appears on both sides of the pancake and the pancake bulges.

Plum Dried Vegetable Biscuits recipe


This formula is obtained after many trials at home. It is delicious and I recommend it to everyone, put it away quickly!
The small fat meat must be cut into small pieces, so that it will taste good when marinated, and it is not easy to break the crust when rolling. The saltiness of dried plums is different. I used them in bags. I tasted them and there is basically no saltiness anymore. So I steamed them in the pot after two times of water. Those who use extra salt, remember to soak Wash it several times in a while.
The pancakes can also be frozen. Spread the plastic wrap on the chopping board, put the dough on it and roll it out into a cake, then wrap it in the plastic wrap and put it in the cold box for freezing. I did an experiment with two doughs, and the taste of the baked dough is not much different from that of the freshly-made bag.
The cooking method can be changed to the oven version, and the cake will be crispy. Use 200 degrees for about 10 minutes. The time is only for reference and depends on the situation of each oven. If you don’t have an oven, let’s use a frying pan. The taste is soft and delicious and more convenient.
My family likes to eat flatbread, like the mini version to play by yourself!

This article is only a small record of personal cooking, thank you for your attention!

happy weekend!


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