Potato and Mushroom Chicken Soup

Potato and Mushroom Chicken Soup

by Pomegranate tree 2008

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Hens are generally used to make chicken soup, especially women who are confinement must drink old hen soup to get enough milk. This time, the oily chicken was chosen. The oil is relatively large, but the taste is really fragrant. It is difficult for most people to accept the chicken soup with oily chicken because it is too greasy. You can dilute it and add delicious vegetables. It is nutritious and non-greasy, and both adults and children love it. One chicken can make a lot of soup, and it can be satiated.
So how can you cook it so that it melts in your mouth? What if I don’t have time to go to work and school? How can the oily chicken feel greasy if it is too oily? Don't worry, don't worry, the following will answer you one by one.


Potato and Mushroom Chicken Soup

1. First cut the whole oiled chicken into small pieces, clean it, put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, put the oiled chicken pieces in together, set the fire to boil, and boil it for a while, the purpose is to remove the chicken smell. Remove the excess grease on the surface, and then rinse it with cold water repeatedly,

Potato and Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

2. Put it in an electric pressure cooker, add an appropriate amount of water, without adding any condiments, select the chicken stew function, and stew it until cooked for later use.

Potato and Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

3. Rinse the shiitake mushrooms with washing water, and then blanch them to taste and break off.

Potato and Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

4. The blanched shiitake mushrooms are soaked in cold water until they are completely cool.

Potato and Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

5. After controlling the moisture, cut into slices of shiitake mushrooms for later use. Of course, if your shiitake mushrooms are not very big, you can use them whole instead of slices.

Potato and Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

6. Peel the potatoes and cut them into potato pieces. Don’t be too big.

Potato and Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

7. Start another pot and put a little oil in the pot. After the oil is hot, put the shallots and garlic into it and sauté, then add a little soy sauce to saute, the more the color will be darker, and the umami taste of the chicken soup itself will also be affected.

Potato and Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

8. Add potato pieces and stir fry. After the color changes, add shiitake mushroom slices and fry until fragrant.

Potato and Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

9. Add a bowl of oily chicken soup, three bowls of water, and some oily chicken, this ratio can make the soup taste not greasy, and the umami taste of the chicken soup can be well reflected.

Potato and Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

10. Put in the right amount of salt to adjust the flavor and it can be out of the pot. When drinking, you can add some condiments according to personal preference, such as sesame oil, white pepper, rice vinegar, etc.

Potato and Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe


1. The oily chicken has high nutritional value and is very suitable for making soup, but the oil is relatively large, so it must be blanched to remove the oil, which is also the smell of chicken.
2. Oil chicken is more suitable for cooking chicken soup, but the oil of oil chicken is really big, so it is recommended not to drink the original soup directly, it is too oily, you can add some vegetables like potatoes and mushrooms after cooking. , First to relieve greasiness, second to enhance the taste, and third to increase appetite.


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