Saliva Chicken

Saliva Chicken

by Le Shi Ji

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Saliva chicken is a traditional Sichuan specialty. It is a cold dish in Sichuan cuisine. It is rich in seasonings and combines spicy, fresh, fragrant and refreshing. Because of its unique taste, it is especially popular. It is called saliva chicken because of the color after cooking. Bright and attractive, the taste is spicy, delicious, and tender, which will make people drool involuntarily. In addition, Anshi Nongke Beijing Youji Chicken is tender and firm, delicious and nutritious, bringing you the ultimate chicken-eating experience!


Saliva Chicken

1. Clean the chicken and cut in half

Saliva Chicken recipe

2. Prepare old ginger, pepper, green onion knot

Saliva Chicken recipe

3. Add water to the pot, add green onion knots, old ginger, peppercorns, and then add half a chicken

Saliva Chicken recipe

4. Remove the cold water after cooking

Saliva Chicken recipe

5. Prepare the soup

Saliva Chicken recipe

6. Take out the cold chicken and sprinkle with crushed peanuts, white sesame seeds and peanuts. "Anshi Agricultural Branch Beijing chicken, expert guidance from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, authentic Beijing flavor, nutritious and healthy quality ingredients"

Saliva Chicken recipe


1. If the chicken is not cooked, not only depends on the time, but also depends on the meat quality and tenderness of the chicken. When the thickest part of the chicken can be easily pierced with chopsticks, and there is no blood seepage, it will be cooked.
2. The ingredients used in the soup can be adjusted according to personal preference.
3. After the chicken is cooked, put it in ice water to cool, so that the chicken tastes more tender and the chicken skin is just tighter and smoother.


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