Oil Chicken recipes

Astragalus Red Date Buqi Decoction

Oil Chicken, Astragalus, Red Dates

Spicy Hot Pot

Oil Chicken, Lotus Root, Konjac

Mushroom Oil Chicken Soup

Oil Chicken, Shiitake Mushrooms, Mushroom

Saliva Chicken

Oil Chicken, Soy Sauce, White Sesame

Stewed Chicken Soup with Cordyceps, Flower and Gorgon

Oil Chicken, Gorgon, Fresh Cordyceps Flower

Potato and Mushroom Chicken Soup

Oil Chicken, Shiitake Mushrooms, Potato

Braised Chicken with Asparagus Bamboo Shoots

Oil Chicken, Asparagus Bamboo Shoots, Shallots

Roasted Chicken

Oil Chicken, Bbq Powder, Orleans Marinade

Chicken and Vegetable Hot Pot

Oil Chicken, Assorted Mushrooms, Corn

Stewed Chicken with Cordyceps Flower

Oil Chicken, Cordyceps Flower, Fungus

Stewed Vermicelli with Chicken and Potatoes

Oil Chicken, Potato, Vermicelli

Mushroom Flower Oil Chicken Soup

Oil Chicken, Morels, Agaricus Blazei