Potato Sausage Braised Rice

Potato Sausage Braised Rice

by Eat up

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This is a fast-handed staple food. It has meat and vegetables. It is formed at one time, eliminating the need for another cooking process. It is especially time-saving and delicious.


Potato Sausage Braised Rice

1. Dice mushrooms and slice sausages.

Potato Sausage Braised Rice recipe

2. The vegetables are blanched in advance, and the potatoes are cut into small pieces.

Potato Sausage Braised Rice recipe

3. Wash the rice.

Potato Sausage Braised Rice recipe

4. Prepare thirteen incense, salt, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil.

Potato Sausage Braised Rice recipe

5. Brush the rice cooker with sesame oil, then pour other seasonings into the rice and stir evenly.

Potato Sausage Braised Rice recipe

6. Add diced mushrooms, vegetable diced, sausage slices, and put potato cubes in the middle.

Potato Sausage Braised Rice recipe

7. Add water that has almost no ingredients. If you like to eat a little bit dry, you can think of less water.

Potato Sausage Braised Rice recipe

8. After ordering the rice pot, press the cooking button. After cooking, stir it with a rice spoon.

Potato Sausage Braised Rice recipe

9. The plan for a year lies in spring, and hard grain rice is the key

Potato Sausage Braised Rice recipe


The amount of cooking water is according to your own preferences. At most, the ingredients should not be too thin, and it should not be too small. Be careful not to boil potatoes. The normal ratio of water to rice for cooking rice is 1:1.3. There are a lot of side dishes added here, so you can add a little bit more water, but you must pay attention to the amount. Dry rice should be stored in a ventilated place if it is not finished.


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