Radish Sauce

Radish Sauce

by Pinger WOYGN

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In the season of eating radish, in addition to stewing soup and drying, sauced radish is the simplest and most delicious


Radish Sauce

1. Prepare ingredients. The amount of radish depends on the size

Radish Sauce recipe

2. Wash the radish clean and peel off the bad skin, slice it and set aside

Radish Sauce recipe

3. A layer of radish and a layer of salt

Radish Sauce recipe

4. Pickled radishes out of water. Turn soft. Time is about two hours

Radish Sauce recipe

5. Wash the salt off the radishes. Control dry water

Radish Sauce recipe

6. One layer of radish and one layer of fine sugar, continue to marinate for about two hours

Radish Sauce recipe

7. Wash and dry, add pepper and garlic

Radish Sauce recipe

8. Prepare a small bowl and add white vinegar. soy sauce. Pepper oil, MSG. Stir well.
The specific amount can be adjusted according to your own taste, I am about 100 grams of white vinegar. 60g light soy sauce, 20g pepper oil, 3g monosodium glutamate

Radish Sauce recipe

9. Stir evenly, pour into the radish, and stir a few more times

Radish Sauce recipe

10. Cover with plastic wrap and marinate overnight

Radish Sauce recipe

11. You can also find a jar to put it in

Radish Sauce recipe


The radishes are adjusted according to their size. Pickled once with salt and sugar, if they are both salted, the finished product will be very salty. \nPepper and garlic can be added as you like


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