Carrot Rice

Carrot Rice

by He Xiaohe

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To make zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival, I marinated some meat, and then ran out of glutinous rice, and some of the meat was left, fat and thin. It happened that my mother-in-law bought a white radish back, and she thought it was better to make a radish rice. It was quite witty to think about it.
The finished product is soft and waxy, the radish is fragrant and sweet, and the taste is relatively soft, especially suitable for the elderly and children.


Carrot Rice

1. Pork, fat and lean, diced separately, add oyster sauce, light soy sauce, salt, green onion and ginger to marinate for a while

Carrot Rice recipe

2. Prepare the materials

Carrot Rice recipe

3. Dispose of the ingredients. Cut the radish into pieces, peel the shrimp, remove the head and cut into sections, chop the shallots, wash the dried shrimps and soak them in hot water for a while, don’t throw away the soaked water

Carrot Rice recipe

4. Place the meat, shrimp and dried shrimp on the bottom of the pot

Carrot Rice recipe

5. Put on the radish

Carrot Rice recipe

6. Soak the rice for a while, drain the water, and spread it on the dish

Carrot Rice recipe

7. Add water, the water used to soak the shrimp just now is also added together, it’s more delicious

Carrot Rice recipe

8. Select the automatic program, the function of simmering rice. You can also use rice cookers, electric pressure cookers, or woks, but you must master the heat for woks

Carrot Rice recipe

9. At the end of the procedure, sprinkle in chopped green onions, stir evenly and you can eat

Carrot Rice recipe


This rice is relatively soft and rotten, and it is more suitable for the elderly and children. For young people, you can add a little less water.


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