Red Oil Dumpling Wrapper

Red Oil Dumpling Wrapper

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My family likes to prepare more dumpling wrappers when making dumplings. In addition to making dumplings, the remaining dumpling wrappers can be made into other dishes. For example, my favorite dumpling skin soup (my family loves to call it dumpling soup paba), the method is very simple, just cook the dumpling skin and mix it with your favorite seasoning. Although the recipe is very simple, it is really delicious. Friends who like it can try it.


Red Oil Dumpling Wrapper

1. Prepare ingredients: dumpling wrappers, shiitake broth;

Red Oil Dumpling Wrapper recipe

2. Wash the shallots and cut into chopped green onions; then cut some minced ginger and minced garlic, forgot to shoot;

Red Oil Dumpling Wrapper recipe

3. Add appropriate amount of salt, chicken powder, light soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, minced ginger, minced garlic, vine pepper oil, and spiced pepper oil in a bowl and stir well;

Red Oil Dumpling Wrapper recipe

4. Add appropriate amount of water to the boiling pot, add appropriate amount of vegetable oil and salt to boil;

Red Oil Dumpling Wrapper recipe

5. Put a piece of dumpling wrapper in your palm, hold it firmly, make it into a ball, and put it in the boiling pot;

Red Oil Dumpling Wrapper recipe

6. Put all the dumpling skins into a ball and put them in a boiling pot;

Red Oil Dumpling Wrapper recipe

7. When cooking the dumpling wrappers, put the shiitake mushroom stock in the microwave and heat it up and take it out;

Red Oil Dumpling Wrapper recipe

8. After the dumpling skins are cooked, remove them and put them in the seasoning bowl of step 3 and step 7. Pour an appropriate amount of broth into the red soup bowl, then sprinkle an appropriate amount of green onion, and add an appropriate amount of salt and chicken powder to the white soup bowl.

Red Oil Dumpling Wrapper recipe


1. If there is no Shiitake broth, you can usually boil some broth like bone broth and freeze it in small portions. Just take it out and thawed and boil it when eating;


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