Ribs Braised Rice

Ribs Braised Rice

by Xiaoxi 9420

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Every mother will try her best to cook for her baby


Ribs Braised Rice

1. You have to dig out the spare ribs several times, and then probably cook them in cold water

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

2. Take out the pork ribs to three spoons of soy sauce, two and a half spoons of cooking wine, one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of seasoning, one teaspoon of five-spice powder, add some sesame oil, sprinkle some chicken essence and marinate for about half an hour

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

3. Pour out the right amount of rice and let it stand for a while

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

4. Pour the marinated ribs into the pot, pour it in with the juice, then close the lid and press the fragrant rice to start cooking

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

5. Cut a potato, cut into small pieces, better taste, dig out several times, break the beans into long strips, when the pressure cooker is exhausted for the first time, pour the vegetables into the pot, and then press the juice to taste

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

6. Then it can be out of the pot

Ribs Braised Rice recipe


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