Saliva Chicken

Saliva Chicken

by JAYCHOU (from Tencent.)

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Saliva Chicken

1. Buy the chicken and wash it, cut the opposite side, put two slices of ginger and a little cooking wine in a hot pot, boil the water and put down the chicken.

Saliva Chicken recipe

2. Wait for the water to boil and cook for two or three minutes. Remove the chicken and place it in ice water. Put some ice cubes on it. After the chicken is completely cooled, put the chicken in the pot. The water is always on. Remember, if the chicken is removed Put it in after you put it out, remember that the water will boil before putting it in the pot.

Saliva Chicken recipe

3. Repeat the first two steps five or six times. After the chicken is cooked, don't cool it in ice, just cool it in cold boiling water. If you don't know if the chicken is cooked, you can cut a piece and take a look. The ice and ice water should be prepared in advance. The chicken can be cut after being cooled with cold boiled water. Remember not to be too slow in the final cooling, and prepare a few more bowls of cold boiled water.

Saliva Chicken recipe

4. Two spoons of sesame oil, a small amount of vinegar, a spoonful of light soy sauce, a little wine (a little bit), a moderate amount of chicken essence, a moderate amount of salt, two tablespoons of spicy oil (depending on whether you like it spicy), a spoonful of red oil, two millet spicy, ginger Mix the minced garlic and roasted peanuts with the chopped chicken and sprinkle with white sesame and green onion.

Saliva Chicken recipe


Cooking chicken looks troublesome, but it’s the key to decide whether the chicken’s taste is crispy or not. The seasoning is actually according to your preference. A little bit of vinegar and a little bit of sour can be appetizing in summer.


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