Seasonal Vegetable Bibimbap

Seasonal Vegetable Bibimbap

by Soybean family

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The most labor-saving and delicious way to eat occasionally when you don't want to cook.


Seasonal Vegetable Bibimbap

1. Prepare all the ingredients you need

Seasonal Vegetable Bibimbap recipe

2. After the rice is washed, add an appropriate amount of water to the electric rice cooker to turn on the power, and cook the rice normally. The amount of water is one-third less than usual.

Seasonal Vegetable Bibimbap recipe

3. Carrots, potatoes, yams, purple potatoes, green beans, etc., peeled and washed clean, carrots, potatoes, yams, purple potatoes, etc. are cut into pieces or strips at will

Seasonal Vegetable Bibimbap recipe

4. Lean meat diced meat, add salt and tomato sauce, mix well, set aside

Seasonal Vegetable Bibimbap recipe

5. Then spread green beans, carrots, potatoes, yams, purple potatoes, etc. on the diced meat

Seasonal Vegetable Bibimbap recipe

6. Put light soy sauce and vegetable oil in a bowl, mix well, then use a spoon to slowly pour on the freshly laid vegetables, try to make everything can be poured into the sauce

Seasonal Vegetable Bibimbap recipe

7. Cover the lid of the rice cooker and continue cooking. When it automatically jumps to the heat preservation state, wait 5 minutes and then turn off the power, then open the lid to start the meal.

Seasonal Vegetable Bibimbap recipe


1. When cooking rice, use less water;
2. The time to put the dishes is when you just can't see the water on the rice.


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