Shredded Chicken with Perilla

Shredded Chicken with Perilla

by Greedy cat vip who loves life

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Many people don't like to eat chicken breasts, they think they are too old and woody, but they are not. The way to eat them is right. Chicken breasts are super delicious. The tissue of chicken breast is very suitable for making chicken shreds. You can choose to cook it or steam it, tear it into shreds by hand, add seasonings and mix well to eat. Doesn’t it look very simple? Although the cold chicken shreds looks simple, there is a step that is necessary. This step determines whether the chicken shreds are refreshing or not. Today I will share this key step with you. Everyone pays attention to this point and will definitely make it refreshing. Delicious cold chicken shreds


Shredded Chicken with Perilla

1. It’s best to buy fresh chicken breasts, it’s safe to eat, and the price is not much too much. Two 15 yuan like this is enough for a family to eat.

Shredded Chicken with Perilla recipe

2. Remove the hard bones and divide one portion into two halves. The cartilage is delicious. Keep it for mixing and put ginger slices on it.

Shredded Chicken with Perilla recipe

3. I steamed it. I used a Changdi steamer. It was fully cooked in 13 minutes. If I use a steamer, the time is the same.

Shredded Chicken with Perilla recipe

4. Remove the ginger slices from the steamed chicken breast and immediately pass it over ice water. This step is indispensable. It is the key to the refreshing taste of the cold shredded chicken. Then gently pull it aside and let it cool.

Shredded Chicken with Perilla recipe

5. Wear gloves to tear the chicken breast into silk, as thin as possible to make it easier to taste.

Shredded Chicken with Perilla recipe

6. Shred the basil, chop the garlic into a puree, and prepare some millet peppers if you like to be spicy.

Shredded Chicken with Perilla recipe

7. Mix soy sauce, oyster sauce, chili oil (my oily chili oil is made of sesame seeds), pepper, pepper powder, salt, and vinegar to form a sauce.

Shredded Chicken with Perilla recipe

8. Pour the sauce into the shredded chicken, stir evenly with chopsticks, then stir in the garlic and perilla leaves before serving.

Shredded Chicken with Perilla recipe


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