Spicy Dried Tofu

Spicy Dried Tofu

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Spicy Dried Tofu

1. Slice green onion, slice garlic, shred ginger and set aside

Spicy Dried Tofu recipe

2. Pepper and chili are ready to be set aside

Spicy Dried Tofu recipe

3. Cumin powder and curry powder are ready for use

Spicy Dried Tofu recipe

4. Cut the white tofu into small slices of 1.5 mm.

Spicy Dried Tofu recipe

5. At 60% of the oil temperature, add tofu slices and fry them to remove the oil.

Spicy Dried Tofu recipe

6. Heat the wok, add a little base oil, add the pepper and chili, and slowly fry the aroma, then add the green onion, ginger, garlic and fry the aroma. Add a little soy sauce and appropriate amount of water.

Spicy Dried Tofu recipe

7. Add the deep-fried dried tofu and bring it to a boil. Turn to low heat and cook slowly. When the soup is not too long, add salt, MSG, cumin powder, curry powder to set the flavor, then change to high heat to harvest the dry juice, sprinkle with cooked white sesame seeds when out of the pan That's it.

Spicy Dried Tofu recipe

8. Finished picture. It tastes better after cooling. Spicy, chewy.

Spicy Dried Tofu recipe

9. Finished picture

Spicy Dried Tofu recipe


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