Spicy Potatoes

Spicy Potatoes

by meggy dancing apple

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Potatoes are the home cooking of the people in the north. How can it be made delicious and attractive so that it can become a popular dish on the New Year's table?
In fact, take a little thought to make it unique, and it can stand out even among the big fish and the meat.
Use a wavy knife to cut the potatoes into wavy patterns, which are also commonly referred to as wolf teeth. This name sounds domineering! Let’s add some carrots, the color is lively.
If you want it to taste good, you have to be spicy anyway. Throw a few dried red chilies directly into the pot and stir-fry, the spicy is not choking; add some chili powder for even more spicy flavor. Add a few drops of Knorr Hot Stir-Fry Dew, and the taste has risen to another level. It's that simple fry and fry, and the whole house is fragrant. You can't stop it with one pinch and a taste!
How about it, ordinary ingredients can also be turned into a prosperous banquet dish, so let's make one too!


Spicy Potatoes

1. Peel the big potatoes, peel the carrots

Spicy Potatoes recipe

2. Cut into thin strips with a wave knife

Spicy Potatoes recipe

3. Pour a proper amount of oil into the pot, and the amount of oil is sufficient for the usual amount of cooking. Put the dried red peppers into the pot and stir-fry on a low heat to create a fragrance

Spicy Potatoes recipe

4. Put the potato strips and carrot strips into the pot and fry on low heat. The surface is slightly yellow

Spicy Potatoes recipe

5. Pour in a little Knorr hot fried fresh dew, soy sauce toning, and sprinkle salt according to taste

Spicy Potatoes recipe

6. Sprinkle a little chili powder for spicy flavor

Spicy Potatoes recipe

7. Mix well, put the green garlic sprouts into the pot

Spicy Potatoes recipe

8. Stir a few times to get out of the pot

Spicy Potatoes recipe


Cut potatoes and carrots into wavy patterns, increase the surface area and add more flavor;
After cutting potatoes and carrots, there is no need to pass water, and the starch on the surface is easier to form a brownish-yellow after being put into the pot, which is beautiful and delicious;
The seasoning is adjusted according to personal taste.


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