Spicy Saliva Chicken

Spicy Saliva Chicken

by Sweet talk

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Living in Hunan for 7 years, the vulgar said: follow the vulgar in the countryside! Recently, there have been changes in the living habits and dietary tastes of the large population in Hunan! Those who used to like light and sweet taste in their diet are now unspicy and unpleasant. As long as they are spicy and salty, they are the best.
Saliva chicken is an authentic Sichuan dish. The spicy sauce is paired with the tender three-yellow chicken... Tsk tsk tsk... Isn’t it a dreamlike feeling...

Spicy Saliva Chicken

1. Clean the three yellow chicken, put it in the pot with water, green onion, sliced ginger, and cooking wine, cook the three yellow chicken 9 mature

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

2. Adjust chili juice: 4g chili powder + 20ml water + 1g cumin powder + 4g white sesame seeds and mix thoroughly

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

3. Seasoning sauce: 6 grams of sesame paste + 10 ml of light soy sauce + 4 grams of vinegar + 4 grams of garlic + 1 gram of pepper powder + 4 grams of sugar + 2 grams of salt, stir well

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

4. Prepare ginger, chives, and garlic for later use

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

5. Heat oil in a wok, stir fragrant green onion, ginger, and garlic, then add the chili juice in picture 2 and stir well

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

6. At this time, add the sesame paste shown in Figure 3, pour and stir well

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

7. Add the remaining green onion and chopped peanuts and stir well

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe

8. After the chicken is set to dry, cut into pieces, and drizzle the cooked sauce on the surface.

Spicy Saliva Chicken recipe


1. The seasoning can be adjusted according to your own taste.


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