Spicy Seafood Wonton

Spicy Seafood Wonton

by salila

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Haihong can be seen everywhere in the market or vegetable market in Weihai. There is a saying in Weihai: drink beer and eat Haihong. Haihong can be regarded as the most famous seafood in Weihai, not to say how expensive it is, nor to say that it is the most delicious, but it is definitely the most popular and well-known, and it is also the seafood that outsiders come to Weihai. Haihong is the favorite of the people in Weihai. Of course, the most popular way to eat in Weihai is clear boiled. There are also Haihong for soup, noodles, buns, and warm mix, etc. Most of them pay attention to the freshness of Haihong. For this... more than a dozen ways to eat, with endless wisdom.


Spicy Seafood Wonton

1. Chop pork into mashed meat, add light soy sauce, pepper, and minced ginger. Stir in one direction. Pour in some clean water in batches.

Spicy Seafood Wonton recipe

2. The shepherd's purse is blanched and chopped into mince, then put in the pork filling.

Spicy Seafood Wonton recipe

3. The cooked mussels are also finely chopped.

Spicy Seafood Wonton recipe

4. Add it to the pork filling.

Spicy Seafood Wonton recipe

5. Stir in salt, peanut oil, chopped green onion and oyster sauce in one direction.

Spicy Seafood Wonton recipe

6. Put the minced meat on the top of the wonton wrapper.

Spicy Seafood Wonton recipe

7. Flip down twice.

Spicy Seafood Wonton recipe

8. Pinch the upper two corners together.

Spicy Seafood Wonton recipe

9. The wrapped wontons can be stored in the refrigerator.

Spicy Seafood Wonton recipe

10. Put a spoonful of chili oil and a spoonful of light soy sauce in a small bowl, add water to a boiling pot and bring to a boil, scoop a few spoonfuls of boiling water into the small bowl.

Spicy Seafood Wonton recipe

11. After the water is boiled, add the wontons, add a little seaweed, add salt and a few drops of sesame oil to the pan.

Spicy Seafood Wonton recipe


You can make a little more at one time, and keep it in the refrigerator if you can't finish it. It's very convenient to take it when you eat.


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