Spicy Thirteen Spice Crayfish

Spicy Thirteen Spice Crayfish

by Leyla REIRA

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This is the hottest shrimp dish in Wuhan this season! Although the seasoning is a bit incomplete, but fortunately the shrimps are fresh enough, home-style hospitality is definitely enough. I believe many friends here can make them with their eyes closed. Well, even if you close your eyes, I still want to send it to you. Who makes this the hottest crayfish in Wuhan?


Spicy Thirteen Spice Crayfish

1. The main materials are ready;

Spicy Thirteen Spice Crayfish recipe

2. Wash the crayfish with a brush, take out the shrimp thread or cut off the shrimp gun according to the cooking habits. I didn't do this step because the friends who ate the shrimp this time have special requirements to be complete. Of course, the high-quality water crayfish can be cooked directly after scrubbing;

Spicy Thirteen Spice Crayfish recipe

3. Rapeseed oil cools and detoxifies. Compared with lard and salad oil, I chose rapeseed oil. Pour enough rapeseed oil into the pot to heat up, add pepper and dried chili to stir out the red oil, remove the onion, ginger, garlic and saute, then add licorice, angelica, cumin, nutmeg, and cinnamon in sequence , Bay leaves, star anise sauté;

Spicy Thirteen Spice Crayfish recipe

4. Pour in the washed crayfish, stir fry on high heat until the shrimp is red and shiny; it is best to use a larger wok;

Spicy Thirteen Spice Crayfish recipe

5. Then pour 2~3 cans of beer into the evenly stir-fried shrimps until the shrimps are covered;

Spicy Thirteen Spice Crayfish recipe

6. In this step, pour an appropriate amount of thirteen spices, a tablespoon of spicy sauce, and add a little rock sugar, appropriate amount of light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, salt and a little vinegar; after the taste is adjusted, turn to medium heat and cook for 12 minutes ;

Spicy Thirteen Spice Crayfish recipe

7. Finally, add green peppers and onions to enhance the flavor. After the green peppers and onions are cooked until they are broken, season them according to personal preference for spicy and salty taste.

Spicy Thirteen Spice Crayfish recipe

8. Finally, stir well and remove the soup over high heat.

Spicy Thirteen Spice Crayfish recipe


1. Personal experience, for medium-sized crayfish, the cooking time is controlled at 15~18 minutes, and the shrimp meat can be kept in a springy state. Over time, the texture and taste of the shrimp meat will be poor.
2. If you think it is troublesome to prepare auxiliary materials, you can buy the finished thirteen-flavored lobster seasoning bag (the kind that can see various spices). It is not recommended to use compound seasonings, because real ingredients are healthier!


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