Steamed Rice

Steamed Rice

by Duoyun 3602

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It’s also good to stock some cured meats in the refrigerator. When you occasionally feel lazy and don’t want to go out, these ingredients can come in handy. This cured meat stewed rice is very fast and delicious. You only need to stir-fry the ingredients and you can give it to the Pressure cooker, such a pot is produced, and there is less trouble of oily smoke.


Steamed Rice

1. Wash the shiitake mushrooms in advance and do not pour the water for the mushrooms

Steamed Rice recipe

2. Prepare bacon, sausage and shallots

Steamed Rice recipe

3. Cut all the ingredients into small cubes

Steamed Rice recipe

4. Stir the shallots in a hot oil pan

Steamed Rice recipe

5. Stir-fry the sausage and bacon to get the oil

Steamed Rice recipe

6. Stir the shiitake mushrooms in the pan for a minute and turn off the heat

Steamed Rice recipe

7. Wash the rice and put it in an electric pressure cooker

Steamed Rice recipe

8. Add the water for soaking shiitake mushrooms

Steamed Rice recipe

9. The fried ingredients are also added to the pot

Steamed Rice recipe

10. Add appropriate amount of salt and light soy sauce, then add water as appropriate, stir evenly, press the cooking button to cook.

Steamed Rice recipe


It is not necessary to put too much oil when frying the lap-mei, a lot of oil will be produced during the frying process. When adding the fried ingredients to the rice pot, do not add all the oil at the bottom of the wok, otherwise it will be too greasy.


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