The Bowl of Cold Noodles from Childhood

The Bowl of Cold Noodles from Childhood

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Cold noodles are something I have been eating since I was a child. It is both like a snack and a staple food. I remember that when I was a child, I could eat a bowl for only 5 cents, and it has risen to the current 5 yuan. Think about it these years are like this seemingly long summer, but in fact, it will soon pass, leaving only the aftertaste and regret. So live like there is no tomorrow! Now in Chongqing, where the temperature is close to 40℃, I’m living in my house with air-conditioning, eating cold noodles that are spicy, sweet and sour, with a bowl of sour plum soup or cold porridge~ God, forgive me Want to stay in the world! "


The Bowl of Cold Noodles from Childhood

1. Chongqing people call it water noodles, fresh noodles that have not been dried. Other handmade noodles can be used instead, but the dried noodles won't work! Cook cold noodles for half a minute less than usual. Take a larger pot (or plate) and pour a little lettuce oil in while cooking the noodles. If you don’t like the taste, you can pour the salad oil. Dry, mix well with vegetable oil in a basin, and stir it back and forth with chopsticks while blowing with a fan. Let it cool to use.

The Bowl of Cold Noodles from Childhood recipe

2. You can add any dishes you like. I used cucumbers and kelp. The kelp should be cut into shreds, then boiled and let cool, and the cucumbers should be shredded.

The Bowl of Cold Noodles from Childhood recipe

3. Chop the ginger and garlic, add boiling water and mix thoroughly to make ginger and garlic water.

The Bowl of Cold Noodles from Childhood recipe

4. Cut the shallots into chopped green onions.

The Bowl of Cold Noodles from Childhood recipe

5. Add the side dishes to the bottom of the bowl, put the cold noodles on the side dishes, add salt (a little bit), monosodium glutamate, sugar (slightly more), pepper noodles, garlic water (slightly more), soy sauce less than garlic water), vinegar, pickled mustard particles, Eat eight or nine flavors of spicy oil and chopped green onion. The amount not marked is added or subtracted according to personal taste and the amount of cold noodles! You can also add crisp soybeans and crisp peanuts~

The Bowl of Cold Noodles from Childhood recipe


Do not use cold water for cold noodles. Cold noodles with cold water will not be strong!


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