White Radish Dumplings

White Radish Dumplings

by Autumn is a fairy tale

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Now it's the season to eat radishes again. Freshly marketed radishes are crispy and sweet. They are very good as dumpling fillings.

White Radish Dumplings

1. Peel the radish and brush into silk

White Radish Dumplings recipe

2. Marinate the shredded radish with salt for 5 minutes

White Radish Dumplings recipe

3. Pork mince with a fat-to-lean ratio of 2:8, add oil, light soy sauce, corn starch, chicken powder, salt, and oil, mix well, stir in one direction until it becomes vigorous

White Radish Dumplings recipe

4. Pickled radish, grab dry water

White Radish Dumplings recipe

5. Put the shredded radish and the mixed pork together and mix well

White Radish Dumplings recipe

6. Order the oiled dumpling stuffing and it's ready

White Radish Dumplings recipe

7. The right amount of filling on the dumpling skin spoon you bought is in the middle position

White Radish Dumplings recipe

8. Moisten the surroundings of the dumpling wrappers with some water to make the dumpling wrappers stick together easily

White Radish Dumplings recipe

9. Made dumplings

White Radish Dumplings recipe

10. Arranged neatly, (please keep it cold in the refrigerator if you can't finish eating it, you don't need to defrost it when you eat it, just steam it in the pot or boil it in boiling water)

White Radish Dumplings recipe

11. Boil a pot of water and add an appropriate amount of salt. Dumplings cooked with salt will not stick together

White Radish Dumplings recipe

12. Put the dumplings in boiling water, stir with chopsticks to prevent sticking to the bottom. After the water is boiled again, pour into a small bowl of cold water and re-weight twice. Add cold water to cook the dumplings and make the skin smooth and non-sticky. good to eat

White Radish Dumplings recipe

13. Float all over and cook for another 2 minutes. Take out the drained water and serve on a plate

White Radish Dumplings recipe


Add cold water to the cooking process, the cooked dumplings have a crispy skin and not sticky to your teeth


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