White Sliced Chicken

White Sliced Chicken

by Jackey cat

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Since I went back to my family’s house last Saturday, my mother made a white-cut chicken for me. The taste has been very greedy for me these few days. I especially miss the tender and sweet chicken. My mother also told me a secret recipe. Want to cut the chicken skin crispy and tender, do you want to know, look down, ha ha.


White Sliced Chicken

1. Take half of the chicken. If there are many people in the family, just use one. Clean both inside and out

White Sliced Chicken recipe

2. Prepare a basin of ice water, see there are a lot of ice cubes in it

White Sliced Chicken recipe

3. Put the right amount of water in the soup pot, then add sliced ginger and green onion

White Sliced Chicken recipe

4. Mash the green onion, ginger, and garlic into puree

White Sliced Chicken recipe

5. Then put in the right amount of salt and sugar, pour it on top with boiling oil, and mix it into a sauce

White Sliced Chicken recipe

6. After the water in the pot is boiling, put the chicken in

White Sliced Chicken recipe

7. When the chicken is blanched and shrunk, remove it and soak it in ice water until cold

White Sliced Chicken recipe

8. Turn it over on both sides so that it is completely immersed in ice water

White Sliced Chicken recipe

9. Then continue to put the chicken back in the soup pot to soak

White Sliced Chicken recipe

10. Remove the chicken again and soak it in ice water, repeat this two or three times until the chicken is mature

White Sliced Chicken recipe

11. Take it out and place it on the cutting board, spread it out and cut it into pieces, and put it on the table

White Sliced Chicken recipe


1. If you are not in a hurry to eat, you can put it in the refrigerator again after cutting the pieces for 20 minutes, and wait until the chicken has cooled down, and the flavor will be better;
2. Boiled chicken seems simple, but in fact it still requires skill. When cooking, the fire should not be too big, the water should not boil, and the ice water should not be soaked for too long. If you have mastered all this, you can Make white-sliced chicken with smooth skin and tender meat.


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