Xiaofang's Claypot Rice

Xiaofang's Claypot Rice

by Pistachio 365Q

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Behind every delicacy, there is always an endless story, so you will see things and people when you see this delicacy.
I haven’t seen Xiaofang for many years. This girl is nearly a decade younger than me. We are colleagues and the best sisters. She always loves to live in my dormitory, because she can’t cook, so she always loves to look for me like a coquettish. Want a variety of foods to eat. We played together, talked about everything, even if she was crying when she was broken in love, I would treat her as a trash can. Whenever I’m off work for a lunch break, I listen to her telling her story about her broken love while cooking. I still don’t forget to hand over a piece of paper to wipe her tears to comfort her. Later, Xiaofang left the unit to be with her sweetheart. a place. Every time I think of this girl, I always make some meals that she used to love and always pester me to cook. Speaking of claypot rice, to be honest, I have never eaten authentic claypot rice. I don’t know what it looks like, but I like to steam rice with homemade sausage. Every time I steam rice, Xiaofang will say : "Sister, I want to eat the claypot rice you made" Over time, I called Xiaofang's claypot rice which I was used to. Almost every time I do it, I do it for her happiness.
Today, the method of making this claypot rice has changed a little. It uses thick soup, soy sauce, and oyster sauce as seasonings. According to the tastes of my family, I did not put any sugar. Because the thick soup is a concentrated thick soup base, Put a little bit but it will solidify when cold, so try to eat it while it's hot, don't eat it until it's hot, you can eat her deliciously.


Xiaofang's Claypot Rice

1. The vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, shrimps, sausages and rice are cleaned and prepared for later use. I use homemade sausages

Xiaofang's Claypot Rice recipe

2. Boil water, add a few drops of oil and a little salt to the pot, blanch the shrimp and mushrooms for a minute

Xiaofang's Claypot Rice recipe

3. The sausages are cooked in a pot, and after they are cooked, take them out and let cool and slice them

Xiaofang's Claypot Rice recipe

4. Add a little oil and salt to the boiling water pot, and blanch the greens for a minute

Xiaofang's Claypot Rice recipe

5. Put a few drops of oil into the pot to prevent the pot from sticking.
Pour the rice into the pot and add water. Because this is new rice and has no draught, the water I put is only 0.5 cm above the surface of the rice. If it is a longer rice, it is recommended to put a little more water, different rice, The amount of water used to cook the rice is different. Cover the lid and bring it to a boil, then adjust to a low heat and cook slowly.

Xiaofang's Claypot Rice recipe

6. Boil until the water is half dry, add the shrimp that has been stripped and peeled off, and the sliced sausage is circled and sized. Use a spoon in the middle of the pot to press a hole in the pot, and put in an egg. Sprinkle some water on all sides and cover. Put on the lid and continue cooking, be careful not to walk away, the consequences will be unthinkable, you know

Xiaofang's Claypot Rice recipe

7. Take the gap between the rice and create another pot. Add 1 tablespoon of water, oyster sauce, soy sauce, oil, salt, and soup base to the pot. Be careful not to add too much to the soup. Yes, you can put a little water to dilute

Xiaofang's Claypot Rice recipe

8. After the steamed rice, you can hear the "sizzling" sound of a small amount of steam dripping in the lid of the pot. Open the lid and sprinkle a small amount of chopped green onion. If you like green vegetables and shiitake mushrooms, place the blanched vegetables and shiitake mushrooms evenly around the rice. Decide according to your preference.

Xiaofang's Claypot Rice recipe

9. Pour the best base ingredients on the rice and sausages, then cover the pot and simmer for 1 minute. Turn off the heat

Xiaofang's Claypot Rice recipe

10. You can enjoy the delicious claypot rice

Xiaofang's Claypot Rice recipe


1. The sausage can be homemade sausage
2. If you don’t want to put shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, green vegetables, you can adjust and replace them with other favorite ingredients.
3. Before cooking, put a few drops of oil into the pot to prevent sticking of the pot
4. Pay attention to the soup treasure. Don’t be afraid to add too much. If you add too much, you can add a little water to dilute it. Remember to eat while the meal is hot.
5. Whether the rice is cooked, it can be judged by observing the state of the rice, listening to the sound in the pot, and smelling the taste


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