Yam Suckling Pigeon Soup

Yam Suckling Pigeon Soup

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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After the summer heat, the weather is getting colder and colder, and there will be cold air from time to time. The temperature is very unstable, coupled with the dry air, it is particularly easy to cause colds and coughs. To prevent dryness in autumn, in addition to drinking more water for prevention, there is a kind of meat that is especially suitable for eating now. This kind of meat is much cheaper than pork and more nourishing than lamb. It is a delicacy for all ages. What kind of meat is so amazing?
If you don’t sell it anymore, everyone is familiar with this kind of meat, it’s pigeons. The side dishes are also some ingredients suitable for autumn tonic: jujube, yam, longan. It’s time for the yam harvest. There are yam sellers everywhere in the vegetable market, and the price is the cheapest of the year. We buy it as a whole bundle for only 6 yuan a catty. There are many ways to eat yam, and you can eat it directly. Soup or stir-fry, fragrant and delicious, very popular. Everyone knows that yam is a good nourishing delicacy, so eat more when it is fresh. Pigeons are not unfamiliar to everyone. There are often scenes of flying pigeons in TV dramas. Like chicken, it is full of lean meat, and its hard nutrient is much higher than chicken. It is known as the title of "advanced nourishing product". It is said that "one pigeon wins nine chickens", and a small pigeon can support nine chickens, so it seems that it is more appropriate to eat more pigeons.
Pigeon soup has the functions of nourishing yin and strengthening yang, invigorating the liver and kidney, replenishing qi and blood, dispelling wind and detoxification, and can better strengthen the human body, invigorate the brain and nourish the mind, and the ratio of amino acids absorbed from the pigeon soup is as high as 95%. The soup is especially suitable for the elderly, children, patients who have recovered from serious illnesses, and people with weaker physiques.

The method is simple, but the nutrition is not simple——

【Yam Pigeon Soup】

Nourishes the lungs and relieves cough, strengthens the brain and strengthens the body, don't miss it in autumn and winter~


Yam Suckling Pigeon Soup

1. During this period of time, the temperature difference between morning and evening was large, and the child had already caught a big cold in his class. I was worried that the child would also be recruited. I hurriedly bought a pigeon to improve the child’s resistance. It just needs to be cleaned with blood and water.

Yam Suckling Pigeon Soup recipe

2. I cut the pigeon into four big pieces, so that I can reduce the amount of water and make the soup thicker. Add appropriate amount of water to the casserole, add cold water to the pigeons, pour an appropriate amount of cooking wine to remove the fishy, cover the pot and bring to a boil.

Yam Suckling Pigeon Soup recipe

3. When blanching the pigeons, we prepare to add other ingredients, remove the longan shell, and clean the jujube and wolfberry.

Yam Suckling Pigeon Soup recipe

4. Soak them in clean water for a while, so that the nutrients can be better stewed out.

Yam Suckling Pigeon Soup recipe

5. Clean yam and fungus. Cut a few slices of ginger, peel the yam and cut it into hob pieces. The raw yam will flow out white juice, and many people will be allergic. When cutting, wear food gloves to prevent allergies and itching. After the fungus is soaked in warm water, the stalk is removed, and all the ingredients are ready.

Yam Suckling Pigeon Soup recipe

6. After the pot is boiled, take the pigeons out, pour out all the water in the first pass, and then re-add the water that has not had the pigeons. Put the ginger slices in, cover the pot, set the stewing button, and the electric casserole will start to work. If it is stewed in an ordinary casserole, first bring it to a high heat and turn to a low heat to simmer slowly, about an hour. The automatic soup stew procedure of my casserole is one and a half hours, about an hour or so. You can add yam and black fungus. Especially yam should not be added too early. Putting it in advance will stew too badly, which will affect the taste.

Yam Suckling Pigeon Soup recipe

7. In the last ten minutes, pour the soaked red dates, wolfberry, and longan into a casserole and stew together.

Yam Suckling Pigeon Soup recipe

8. When the time is over, add salt to taste and it's ready to be served.

Yam Suckling Pigeon Soup recipe


After a long time of slow simmering, the grilled meat is already very soft and cooked, and it will come down with a light bite. It will melt in the mouth, tender and fragrant, so delicious. My son especially likes it. Every time a pigeon is stewed, he basically handles the four legs. Basically, he eats meat and we drink soup.
The meat is fresh and tender, the yam is soft, the red dates are fragrant and sweet, the fungus is crisp and refreshing, the soup is fragrant and not greasy, the meat is delicious and the soup is delicious, too delicious. In addition to stewing soup, pigeons can also be steamed, but in autumn and winter, it is recommended that you make soup and drink more. In autumn, eat more to moisten dryness and nourish the lungs. In winter, a bowl of hot nourishing soup will make your whole body warm. We only sell pigeons for 25 yuan a piece, which is a full one or two catties. It is more economical than eating pork and chicken. The point is that it is very nutritious. So we often stew pigeon soup for our family, which is cheap and healthy. You can also use old pigeons for this soup for pigeons, but the price is a little bit more expensive. Here is 60 yuan per piece. How much is a catty for the local pigeons? If the price is right, you might as well buy some to make up for it!


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