Chopped Green Onions recipes

Fried Noodles with Sausage and Soy Sauce

Noodles, Soy Sauce, Diced Onion

Zucchini and Sausage Braised Rice

Rice, Aci Sauce And Rock Sugar Sausage, Squash

Egg Seaweed Soup

Egg, Seaweed, Salt

Steamed Dumplings

High-gluten Flour, Water, Pork Filling

Sour Noodle Soup

Hand-rolled Noodles, Chopped Green Onions, Minced Garlic

Spicy Roasted Lotus Root Slices

Lotus Root, Onion, Ginger

Tomato Pimple Soup

Clams, Flour, Egg

Pork Slices with Bean Curd in Sour Soup

Pickle, Bean Curd, Sliced Meat

Facai Tofu Soup

Hair Dish, Lactone Tofu, Salt

Fresh Corn Meat Siu Mai

Minced Meat, Sweet Corn, Carrot

Vegetable Soup

Cantonese Choy Sum, Chopped Green Onions, Cooking Oil

Mustard Tofu Lean Meat Soup

Mustard, Minced Meat, Tofu

Jade Willow Leaf Dumplings

All-purpose Flour, Chicken Essence, Salt

Fried Rice Crackers

Ham Sausage, Egg, Cooked Rice

Celery and Beef Pan-fried Buns

All-purpose Flour, Shimizu, Beef Inside