Dried Roses recipes

Heart Shaped Cookies with Roses

Low Powder, Butter, Powdered Sugar

Rose Cranberry Cookies

Unsalted Butter, Low Powder, Soil Eggs

Rose Biscuits

Flour, Corn Starch, Corn Oil

Heart Shaped Rose Biscuits

Low-gluten Flour, Powdered Sugar, Butter

Sweet and Sour, Not Greasy and Not Greasy-sweet Orange Gnocchi

Glutinous Rice Balls, Sweet Orange, Dried Roses

Osmanthus Rose Honey Cake

Egg White, Granulated Sugar, Lemon

Rose Sauce Waffles

Low-gluten Flour, Milk, Egg

Homemade Rose Rice Cake

Glutinous Rice, Dried Roses, Water


Hawthorn, Dried Roses, Sugar

Rose Lotus Root Noodles Glutinous Rice Cake

Glutinous Rice, Fermented Rice, Lotus Root Starch

Rose Peach Gum Soap Soup

Assorted Peach Gum Bag, Red Dates, Crystal Sugar

Pumpkin Hair Cake

Pumpkin Puree, Flour, Yeast

Scented Tea

Dried Chrysanthemum, Dried Roses, Dried Longan

Osmanthus Rose Cake

Lard And Oily Skin, Granulated Sugar And Oily Skin, Low Powder

Rose Crystal Rice Dumplings

Sago, Sugar Rose, Salad Oil

Honey Egg Syrup

Egg, Wolfberry, Honey