Hot Pot Bottom Material recipes

Seafood Lamb Noodle Soup

Lamb, Noodles, Hot Pot Bottom Material

Home Spicy Hot Pot

Shrimp, Meatball, Fish Cake

Stewed Beef Brisket in Casserole

Beef Brisket, Radish, Carrot

Family Version Grilled Fish

Sea Bass, Squash, Wide Powder

Hot Pot

Grass Carp, Lamb Roll, Various Meatballs

Hot Pot Noodle Soup

Egg Noodles, Hot Pot Bottom Material, Cooking Oil

Mala Tang

Pepper, Water, Rice Noodles

Spicy Sheep Scorpion

Lamb Spine, Hot Pot Bottom Material, Ginger

Vegetarian Food

Broccoli, Tea Tree Mushroom, Bell Pepper

Mao Xuewang

Duck Blood, Fat Intestine, Hairy Belly

Spicy Pork Blood

Pig Blood, Ginger, Garlic

Boiled Beef

Beef (tenderloin), Chinese Cabbage, Cooking Oil

Fresh and Smooth Boiled Pork Slices

Tenderloin, Egg, Bean Sprouts

Spicy and Delicious Boiled Tofu Skin

Bean Curd, Enoki Mushroom, Hot Pot Bottom Material

Pork Ribs Spicy Hot Pot

Broth, Pork Ribs, Hot Pot Bottom Material

Tofu Fish

Black Fish Fillet, Tofu, Carrot