Mooncake Filling recipes

Crab Fun Cantonese Mooncake

All-purpose Flour, Invert Syrup, Mooncake Filling

Bear Fun Cantonese Mooncakes

All-purpose Flour, Mooncake Filling, Invert Syrup

Cantonese Five-nen Moon Cake

Invert Syrup, Corn Oil, Mooncake Special Powder

Mooncakes with Brown Sugar and Egg Yolk

Low-gluten Flour, Salted Egg Yolk, Jianshui

Colorful Three-dimensional Moon Cakes

Glutinous Rice Flour, Sticky Rice, Starch

Snowy Mooncake

Snowy Mooncake Powder, Mooncake Filling, Latte Powder

Momoyama Skin Mooncakes

Momoyama Bark, Mooncake Filling

Cantonese-style Moon Cakes

Cake Flour, Invert Syrup, Corn Oil Or Peanut Oil

Cantonese-style Moon Cakes

Invert Syrup, Jianshui, High-gluten Flour

Char-grilled Moon Cakes

Butter, Powdered Sugar, Milk Powder

Dream Snowy Mooncake

Moon Cake Powder, White Oil, Cold Water

Jin Zun Collection Moon Cake

Wheat Flour, White Sugar, Water

Flavored Shortbread

Flour, Shimizu, Salt

Fried Yogurt Balls

Yogurt, Starch, Flour

Chocolate Mooncake

Low Powder, Vegetable Oil, Chocolate Sauce