Scallion White recipes

Boiled Hoof Flowers

Trotters, Chinese Cabbage, Yam


Beef Slices, Chinese Cabbage, Chrysanthemum

Fried Noodles with Mustard Pork

Dry Yellow Sauce, Sweet Noodle Sauce, Water

Beef Noodles with Tomato

Vermicelli, Beef Roll, Tomato

Stir-fried Thin Noodles

Fine Noodles, Egg, Onion

Braised Beef

Beef, Cinnamon, Crystal Sugar

Fried Noodles with Sea Cucumber

Noodles, Sea Cucumber, Pork

Spring Cake

Lean Meat, Cucumber, Carrot

Noodles with Tomato and Egg Fried Sauce

Fresh-cut Noodles, Xiangqi Sauce, Egg

Chinese Savior Crepe

Egg, Black Sesame, Flour

Scrambled Eggs with Sauce

Egg, Scallion White, Water

Liqiu Paste Autumn Fat ~ Pumpkin Ribs Braised Rice

Ribs, Beibei Pumpkin, Long Grain Rice

Scallion Eggs

Scallion White, Egg, Salt