Fennel seedlings pork dumplings

Every year in the season when there are fennel seedlings, the fennel seedlings must be eaten to the extreme, such as fennel seedlings buns, fennel seedlings dumplings, and fried fennel seedlings.







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How to Make It

1. First kneading the noodles, chop pork into fillings, add pepper powder, salt, minced ginger and light soy sauce to the meat fillings
2. Bring the vegetable oil to a boil in the meat filling, then stir evenly, add the chopped fennel seedlings and mix evenly, the dumpling filling is ready
3. After the dumpling filling is adjusted, the noodles wake up. Knead the dough for about ten minutes, knead it into a smooth dough, and divide it into small pieces.
4. Press the agent into an oblate shape one by one, and roll the skin for filling
5. Fold it in half and make a dumpling shape with both hands