Fish Bone Bean Sprout Soup

Fish Bone Bean Sprout Soup

by He Xiaohe

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The hotter the weather, the more you need to drink some hot soup to dissipate the heat accumulated in your body, but too oily soup is not suitable. For example, fish soup, bone soup and vegetable soup are more suitable for summer. On the contrary, cold drinks are cool when eaten cold, but they can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort afterwards, so be careful.
On Sunday, the child said that he wanted to eat fish fillets. The baby father looked like a good father, so he hurried to the market and bought a fish. The fish is very fresh, the meat on the belly of the fish is made into scallion oil fillets, and the remaining fish bones cannot be wasted. There happened to be a packet of mung bean sprouts in the refrigerator, and the fish bone bean sprout soup was cooked together. Refreshing and not greasy, it is very popular. The fish bones and tofu are fried and then stewed. The soup is thick and delicious. You can drink a large bowl in one breath. After drinking, you feel transparent and comfortable. A full pot soon drank out.


Fish Bone Bean Sprout Soup

1. I bought a fish, and I sliced the meat from the belly of the fish, and made a plate of fish fillets with scallion oil. The remaining fish bones and fish heads and tails are not wasted, and the fish bones are chopped into small pieces.

Fish Bone Bean Sprout Soup recipe

2. Put the blending oil in the wok, heat it up, add the fish heads and fish bones and fry it. The soup of the fried fish stew is more delicious, delicious and without fishy smell.

Fish Bone Bean Sprout Soup recipe

3. Put the fried fish out first, cut the tofu into pieces, and fry them until they are golden on both sides.

Fish Bone Bean Sprout Soup recipe

4. Put the tofu out, put the crude oil in the original pot, add the green onion, ginger slices and garlic, and stir fry to get the fragrance.

Fish Bone Bean Sprout Soup recipe

5. Add the mung bean sprouts and stir fry. The soup of mung bean sprouts is also delicious, and it is lightly refreshing.

Fish Bone Bean Sprout Soup recipe

6. Add light soy sauce, salt, dark soy sauce, five-spice powder, stir-fry well, add appropriate amount of water to boil, it is enough to cover the ingredients.

Fish Bone Bean Sprout Soup recipe

7. Add the fish and tofu just fried. Continue to simmer for more than half an hour until the soup is thick and the aroma is dispersed.

Fish Bone Bean Sprout Soup recipe

8. Add cilantro and chopped green onions to garnish. This kind of soup is suitable for summer, and it is very comfortable to drink from the inside out.

Fish Bone Bean Sprout Soup recipe


1. The fish should be fried first and then stewed, so that the soup will be thick and delicious without any fishy smell.
2. Just add a little bit of color to the soy sauce, not too much. The black soup does not have appetite.
3. Tofu should also be fried first, first to keep the shape perfect, and secondly to make the soup more fragrant.


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