Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat

by 18LS28xgl Scattered

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My family’s favorite late-night snack is it, the reason is, naturally, my husband loves hand-offs. Whether it's spring or summer, all year round, my husband's favorite supper is always hand-picked, and he will never get tired of eating.
Chaoshou has noodles and meat, which are rich in nutrients and can fill the stomach. The skin is thin and the filling is tender, delicious, and it tastes so enjoyable, no wonder my husband loves it the most, and eating two large bowls in a row is really amazing. Every time I make a copy, I pack more than 100. Put the wrapped hands into the freezer compartment of the refrigerator and cook as you like. It is super convenient. Husband’s supper loves to eat chaoshou. When you are hungry at night, put the chaoshou into a boiling pot and cook. In less than ten minutes, the nutritious and delicious supper will be ready~~


Fresh Meat

1. Prepare the ingredients: pork and ginger slices; wash the ingredients; cut the pork into pieces and put them into the wall breaker together with the ginger slices; power on the wall breaker, and 10 seconds later, the minced pork is ready;

Fresh Meat recipe

2. Put the minced meat out, add salt and starch, and stir vigorously;

Fresh Meat recipe

3. Cut the shallots into chopped green onions;

Fresh Meat recipe

4. Take an appropriate amount of chopped green onion and mix it with an appropriate amount of minced meat and mix well; if the minced meat is not used immediately, do not mix it with the chopped green onion, otherwise the minced meat will not be fragrant;

Fresh Meat recipe

5. Take a piece of hand-wrapped skin, wrap it with meat, and make a hand-wrapped hand;

Fresh Meat recipe

6. I packed 44 chucks and only used 1/3 of the minced meat. The remaining minced meat can be stored in the refrigerator and packaged another day;

Fresh Meat recipe

7. Pour clean water into the boiling pot and boil; then put it in the hand to cook;

Fresh Meat recipe

8. Take a small bowl, add light soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, sesame oil, chopped green onion, and then add some boiling water in a pot;

Fresh Meat recipe

9. Put your hands in the seasoning bowl, stir, you can eat.

Fresh Meat recipe


1. The volume can be adjusted according to personal taste;
2. Scattered food life (Scrabble food/18LS28xgl Scattered food), original author of the food column. Follow me, I will share more simple recipes for food with you! If you like it, please forward it, your forwarding is very important to me!


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