Fried Lotus Root Folder

Fried Lotus Root Folder

by Tangtang's mother

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Fried lotus root folder, crisp and refreshing. Both adults and children in the family like to eat this dish.


Fried Lotus Root Folder

1. Break the beans into small pieces, then rinse them with water (soak them in salt water for a while to get rid of the dirt on them)

Fried Lotus Root Folder recipe

2. Peel the lotus root and slice it. Cut the lotus root with one cut and do not cut it. Then cut the lotus root with two cuts. After the lotus root is cut, the pork is piled up into a froth (pour some salt and thirteen incense for ten minutes). Then put it into the lotus root clip, and press it with your hands to flatten it.

Fried Lotus Root Folder recipe

3. Put oil in the pot, cut the lotus root clip (put a few peppers), you can leave it if you don’t like peppers

Fried Lotus Root Folder recipe

4. When one side is fried until golden brown, cut the other side. Note that the fire is medium to small, not too high, otherwise it will fry. After both sides are cooked, put it in the pan and set aside.

Fried Lotus Root Folder recipe

5. Put the oil in the pan and fry the beans.

Fried Lotus Root Folder recipe

6. After the beans are cooked, put the fried lotus root clip into the pot and stir-fry with the beans, add the light soy sauce, chicken powder, garlic cloves, and stir-fry the big red pepper.

Fried Lotus Root Folder recipe


Use less force when cutting the lotus root clip, otherwise the lotus root will be cut off. When frying the lotus root clip, the fire is medium to small. In addition, you can add some fungus to it, which will look better and have a richer flavor!


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