Handed Down Five Treasure Soup

Handed Down Five Treasure Soup

by Acacia

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When summer is here, it is indispensable to drink some soup and water, of which sweet soup is indispensable.
Today, A-Lian gives everyone a five-treasure soup handed down.
Dried lily moisturizes the lungs and relieves cough. It is slightly bitter and lowers the fire. Eating bitter food in summer is good for clearing the lungs and relieving fever. With red dates, longan, warming tonic will not be too cold, white fungus and yam to nourish nutrition, nourish the lungs and improve immunity, but also beauty and beauty.
Let the skin drink full water in the summer, refreshing and moisturizing the summer~


Handed Down Five Treasure Soup

1. Prepare materials:
40g dried lily, 20g red dates, 30g longan meat, 30g white fungus, 30g yam, 30g yellow rock sugar, 1200ml water

Handed Down Five Treasure Soup recipe

2. Soak the lily in water for 4-5 hours;

Handed Down Five Treasure Soup recipe

3. Soak the white fungus in water for 3-5 hours

Handed Down Five Treasure Soup recipe

4. After soaking the white fungus, tear it into small pieces and remove the roots;

Handed Down Five Treasure Soup recipe

5. Wash red dates, longan meat, and yam for later use;

Handed Down Five Treasure Soup recipe

6. Pour all the ingredients into the pressure cooker, add water, press the soup button, and wait for the automatic prompt to cook.

Handed Down Five Treasure Soup recipe


[Simple reminder]:
Lily has a slightly bitter taste, but if you put it in boiling water with sugar and boil it, the bitter taste will not be so strong.
If you want to know more food, please follow the WeChat public account "Acacia" or 18270069429, and look forward to sharing the delicious food with you~~


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