Hua Yang Bao

Hua Yang Bao

by Nananab

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The weather in the southern sky is numbing people's nerves step by step, and even the most beautiful food feels overshadowed.
I only recently learned that steamed buns can also use dead noodles instead of pasta. I have made some small steamed buns with contrasting stamens. People can immerse themselves in this wonderful time. I hope to see the sunshine and belonging again soon. Spring flowers.
Waiting for the direct sunlight, waiting for the thorough cleaning of every corner of the house, waiting for the dust to fly, and waiting for the emotional change of new life. "


Hua Yang Bao

1. After the dough ingredients are reconciled by the chef, divide 100 grams from the white dough and add the red yeast rice powder to form the red dough, and cover with plastic wrap for later use.

Hua Yang Bao recipe

2. Stir the pork belly in a cook machine, cut the shallots, and mix with the rest of the ingredients in the filling. Stir in a clockwise manner until smooth and set aside.

Hua Yang Bao recipe

3. Divide the red and white dough into 10 g balls and roll them round and cover with plastic wrap for later use.

Hua Yang Bao recipe

4. Knead the red and white dough separately to the size of soybeans and round them into stamens for later use.

Hua Yang Bao recipe

5. Take a piece of white dough and roll it out thinly, like a dumpling wrapper.

Hua Yang Bao recipe

6. Pack stuffing.

Hua Yang Bao recipe

7. Pinch the pleats.

Hua Yang Bao recipe

8. Put on the stamens.

Hua Yang Bao recipe

9. The red dough is also made in the same way. After all is done, it is steamed on a medium-low heat for 20 minutes and simmered for 5 minutes before being uncovered and served.

Hua Yang Bao recipe


1. When mixing with the dough, do not add water at one time, but add it slowly while observing, because different flours have different water absorption properties, and the dough and the harder finished product will stand up, the pleats are also clear and beautiful, and the taste is better;
2. The buns and hand-can-star people think that the buns still have a softer texture on the pasta, and the dead noodles will make the mouth too thick and hard, which is more suitable for making dumplings.


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