Peanut Kernel recipes

Glutinous Rice Balls

Glutinous Rice Flour, Water, Peanut Kernel

Glutinous Rice Balls

Peanut Kernel, Walnut, Cooked Sesame

Eight Treasure Rice

Glutinous Rice, Raisin, Peanut Kernel

Braised Bran

Baked Cake, Beef With Sauce, Fungus

Leek Dumplings

Flour, Chives, Walnut

Papaya Peanut Chicken Feet Soup

Papaya, Chicken Feet, Peanut Kernel

Cantonese Five-nen Moon Cake

Flour, Invert Syrup, Peanut Oil

Sixi Roasted Bran

Baked Cake, Black Fungus, Daylily

Celery and Peanuts

Peanut Kernel, Carrot, Celery

Cantonese Traditional Five-core Moon Cake

Peanut Kernel, Cranberry, Black Sesame

Red Mooncakes in Old Beijing

Flour, Salad Oil, Maltose

Fish Skin Peanuts

Flour, Starch, Glutinous Rice Flour

Five Kernel Moon Cakes

Flour, Peanut Kernel, Walnut

Oatmeal Red Date Nut Biscuits

Oatmeal, Flour, Corn Starch

Cantonese Five-nen Moon Cake

Low Powder, Invert Syrup, Melon Seeds