Lentil Braised Rice

Lentil Braised Rice

by Love braised pork

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Last time I made Sweet Corn Crusted Rice, and had a long-awaited meal of Crusted Rice. I continued to fight today and made a lentil braised rice. Because I love to eat lentil braised noodles, I applied the lentil braised noodles to the braised rice. The effect is also very good. The rice crust at the bottom of the pot has the flavor of the seasoning. It's even more delicious! Big Love! !


Lentil Braised Rice

1. Prepare 200 grams of rice, 500 grams of lentils, green onion and ginger and a piece of pork

Lentil Braised Rice recipe

2. Wash the rice twice and pour it into the rice cooker

Lentil Braised Rice recipe

3. Add 300ml water

Lentil Braised Rice recipe

4. Cover the lid and plug in the power source, select the stove to cook rice, standard, long grain rice and press the start button, the rice cooker starts to work

Lentil Braised Rice recipe

5. Wash the lentils and cut into small pieces, shred pork, and chop green onions and ginger

Lentil Braised Rice recipe

6. Heat the wok and add corn oil, then add pork shreds and stir-fry after the oil is hot

Lentil Braised Rice recipe

7. After the pork shreds change color, add green onion and ginger to sauté

Lentil Braised Rice recipe

8. Then add the chopped lentils and stir fry

Lentil Braised Rice recipe

9. When the lentils change color, add 5 grams of salt

Lentil Braised Rice recipe

10. Add 15ml soy sauce, stir fry and serve evenly

Lentil Braised Rice recipe

11. When the rice cooker is fully boiling, open the lid, pour the sauteed lentils in, flatten, and close the lid

Lentil Braised Rice recipe

12. Chop some minced garlic for later use

Lentil Braised Rice recipe

13. Wait until the rice cooker has stopped and the sound will sound, and then simmer for ten minutes. Turn off the power, open the lid and pour in the minced garlic

Lentil Braised Rice recipe

14. Use the built-in rice spatula to stir the rice, lentils and minced garlic and start eating

Lentil Braised Rice recipe


Rice should be considered when adding salt, so add more than usual for stir-fry.


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