Mushroom Pork Siu Mai

Mushroom Pork Siu Mai

by Setu

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I have always wanted to make siu mai, but I can’t make siu mai, but the siu mai made with dumpling skin is not inferior to the outside sellers, and it is very hygienic and healthy. I feel a sense of accomplishment to see each one


Mushroom Pork Siu Mai

1. Pork is chopped, I have never liked to use a meat grinder, because I don’t have the fragrance of my own chop~

Mushroom Pork Siu Mai recipe

2. Chop the mushrooms

Mushroom Pork Siu Mai recipe

3. Mix mushrooms and pork, add oil, light soy sauce, salt, MSG, and whip

Mushroom Pork Siu Mai recipe

4. The dumpling skin is rolled out thin, about twice the size of the previous one. This is a comparison

Mushroom Pork Siu Mai recipe

5. Take a proper amount of meat and place it in the middle of the dumpling wrapper. Use a tiger’s mouth to knead the sides to the middle, and then gently knead

Mushroom Pork Siu Mai recipe

6. This is what it looks like after packing

Mushroom Pork Siu Mai recipe

7. Just pinch the top of the mouth and it will show a beautiful shape, and then steam it in the pot for 10 minutes. It's very simple.

Mushroom Pork Siu Mai recipe


It’s very simple to use dumpling wrappers. If you can’t finish eating them, put them in the freezer. Otherwise, there will be adhesions between the wrappers. Because of this, I wasted 6 of them. You can replace them with your favorite stuffing. Smell~


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