Pimple Soup

Pimple Soup

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I think everyone is familiar with this soup. Mom has made it since I was a child. Now my husband loves it very much. Today, I will have a bowl of hot pimple soup to warm the stomach.


Pimple Soup

1. Pour a small bowl of flour into the basin

Pimple Soup recipe

2. Pour less cold water and stir the flour into small pieces. Remember not to have too much water and the noodles should not be too big

Pimple Soup recipe

3. Cut the tomatoes and set aside the shallots. The tomatoes must be cut into small cubes.

Pimple Soup recipe

4. Some olive oil, green onions, and tomatoes

Pimple Soup recipe

5. Fry the tomatoes until rotten, then add water, salt, sugar, and soy sauce. When the water boils, slowly add the noodles to the inside, cook for two minutes, break the eggs, and pour them into the pot

Pimple Soup recipe


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