Potato Stew

Potato Stew

by Emily (from WeChat...)

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My son came home from the kindergarten and told his mother that he had delicious rice in the kindergarten. I asked what it was like! The son described potatoes, meat, and soy sauce! It seems to be called fried rice with soy sauce! Then I asked the teacher! It turned out to be potato stew!


Potato Stew

1. Dice the potatoes and set aside!

Potato Stew recipe

2. Dice the meat as well!

Potato Stew recipe

3. Add vegetable oil, add the prepared green onion, ginger, stir fry until fragrant, add the sliced meat, fry until brown, pour in the potatoes and stir fry, then add the right amount of soy sauce! Add water and put in the right amount of salt! Pause for about five minutes!

Potato Stew recipe

4. Wash the rice and put it in the rice cooker, and pour the potatoes and water into it! Just follow the normal cooking procedure!

Potato Stew recipe

5. Sprinkle a little white sesame seeds before serving! It's more fragrant!

Potato Stew recipe


Because there are babies to eat, so you can put a little less soy sauce, and you can put more soy sauce, so that the color will look better!
If there are paintings that children eat, you can remove the ginger and green onion before pour it into the rice cooker!
You can add more if you are willing to eat meat! I put a little bit less!


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