Rye Sauce Pancake

Rye Sauce Pancake

by Greedy Big Tiantian

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I stock up a lot of rye flour, and make healthy and beneficial foods to make a delicious taste. Let’s make innovations.


Rye Sauce Pancake

1. The flour and hydrated smooth dough are covered with plastic wrap and awake for 20 minutes. Then mix all the ingredients of the pastry part except the salad oil. After the salad oil is heated and smoke, pour it into the ingredients and mix and let cool. The sauce part can be non-stick pan. Just heat it up and mix it all

Rye Sauce Pancake recipe

2. Divide evenly into four doughs of the same size, sprinkle thin flour on the chopping board, roll out, the thinner the better, and then spread the mixed pastry

Rye Sauce Pancake recipe

3. Cut into six pieces and fold them in order

Rye Sauce Pancake recipe

4. Step by step

Rye Sauce Pancake recipe

5. After all the pieces are folded, cover with plastic wrap and proof for about ten minutes, then roll into thin slices, do not press hard, loosen, pour 6 inches of oil in the pan and fry until golden on both sides, spread the sauce on one side, and cut it out of the pan. Eat in small pieces

Rye Sauce Pancake recipe


Because of the mellow rye, this pancake is quite delicious


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