Spicy Crab

Spicy Crab

After eating crabs from a restaurant, I really like them. I made them after thinking about it!







by Winnie275

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How to make it (Spicy Crab)

1. Wash the crab. Put two slices of ginger. Pour a little cooking wine. Steam it on the pot until the crab turns red.
2. Pour the green peppers, chaotian peppers, ginger slices, and minced garlic together into a frying pan until fragrant. Pour the cut crabs into the pan and stir fry! Add salt, oyster sauce, stir fry. Add 100Ml of water to let the crabs taste delicious! Pour a little vinegar to get rid of the fishy! Add chopped green onion or coriander to the pot at the end!
Spicy Crab recipe


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