Vegetarian Wonton

Vegetarian Wonton

Legend has it that in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, King Wu Chai defeated the Kingdom of Yue, gave birth to prisoners of the King of Yue Goujian, and obtained many gold and silver treasures, especially after obtaining the peerless beauty Xi Shi. The winter solstice is here this year, and the king of Wu accepts the worship of a hundred officials as usual, singing and dancing inside and outside the palace rise to peace. Unexpectedly, during the banquet, he, who was tired of the delicacies of mountains and seas, felt unhappy, and put the chopsticks without eating. All this Xi Tzu was in sight, she took the opportunity to ran into the imperial kitchen, kneaded the dough and rolled the skin, and wanted to make a new type of dessert to show her heart. After flipping a few tricks in her hands, Pi Zi finally wrapped up a dustpan-style snack. Put it in the boiling water for a while, and the snacks will be spread on the surface one by one. She poured it into a bowl, added fresh soup, sprinkled onion, garlic, pepper, and dripped sesame oil, and offered it to King Wu. King Wu tasted it and it was extremely delicious. He ate a large bowl in one breath and asked, "What kind of snack is this?" Xi Shi was amused secretly: This Wudao Fainting Monarch is so muddled all day, it is really chaotic. When she heard the question, she responded casually: "Wonton." Since then, this kind of dessert has been introduced to the people under the name of "Wonton". Wuyue people not only love to eat wontons on weekdays, but in order to commemorate the wisdom and creation of Xi Shi, they also set it as the occasional delicacy of the winter solstice festival.







by ゛Wait and bloom (from Tencent.)

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How to make it (Vegetarian Wonton)

1. Beat the eggs into a bowl, stir well, and if they are cooked, put them into a bowl.
Vegetarian Wonton recipe
2. Chop the shiitake mushrooms, fungus, carrots, eggs, and shallots (as small as possible, otherwise the wonton wrapper will break easily), and prepare.
Vegetarian Wonton recipe
3. Put all the chopped ingredients into a large bowl and stir well, add salt, thirteen incense and other seasonings.
Vegetarian Wonton recipe
4. Pour the oil into the pot, heat it until a slight oily smoke comes out, pour it into the prepared filling, add the sesame oil and stir evenly. The filling is ready.
Vegetarian Wonton recipe
5. I started to pack wontons, because the fillings were looser, the amount was less, or it would break the chaotic skin.
Vegetarian Wonton recipe

1. All kinds of stuffing should be chopped as much as possible to prevent the skin from breaking when wrapping.
2. After washing the mushrooms and fungus, squeeze out the water as much as possible.


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