Yeast Pork Pie

Yeast Pork Pie

by Xiao Xiaoduo and Buns

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Yesterday I made a pot of steamed buns, and a half of the meat was left. Today I added a string eggplant (that is, a long eggplant), and then added a little flour to make a few pork pies. In fact, today is also the first time I have made pasta pie. I have made it without fermenting before, but the crust was too tough and it was tired to bite. My mother has bad teeth and can't bite. Like the elderly and children at home, you can make pasta pie, which is softer and does not take much effort to bite.

Yeast Pork Pie

1. Weigh the flour first, add oil, sugar and yeast.

Yeast Pork Pie recipe

2. Add an appropriate amount of water, stir the dough with chopsticks, and then form a soft dough with your hands, which is a little softer than your earlobe and does not stick to your hands. Then cover and leave in a cool place to ferment.

Yeast Pork Pie recipe

3. You can prepare minced meat when baking the dough (only half of the minced meat is used for the pie). Mince the meat, cut fresh mushrooms, mustard tuber and eggplant into small cubes, add the seasoning, add a little water several times in a small amount, and stir in one direction clockwise or counterclockwise until it feels like gum. The meat filling should not be too wet and not easy to pack.

Yeast Pork Pie recipe

4. The dough has grown to about 2.5 times the size, just tear off a part of the dough to see the honeycomb-shaped large holes.

Yeast Pork Pie recipe

5. Sprinkle some dry powder on the chopping board, move the dough to the chopping board, pat the dough gently, and then fold it up, down, left, and right two or three times.

Yeast Pork Pie recipe

6. Knead the long strip again, fold it left and right three times, and then twist the long strip, repeat two or three times. If it sticks to the chopping board, sprinkle a little dry powder.

Yeast Pork Pie recipe

7. Cut a dough and observe that there are no obvious pores, and the dough is ready to knead.

Yeast Pork Pie recipe

8. Then divide into 9 small doughs.

Yeast Pork Pie recipe

9. Take a small dough and roll it into a 10-12cm diameter round piece. The edges should be thinned and an appropriate amount of filling should be added.

Yeast Pork Pie recipe

10. Knead it like a bun, but you don't need any good-looking pleats, you must pinch the seal tightly, or it will burst when you press it.

Yeast Pork Pie recipe

11. Keep the seal open, press it lightly with the palm of your hand, and then roll it out with a rolling pin. The movement must be gentle. If you want to look good, make it thicker. If you want it to be delicious, roll it out a little bit without caring about the appearance. It will burst easily.

Yeast Pork Pie recipe

12. Pour a small amount of oil in a non-stick pan, heat it, and put it in the pie. You can gently press it with your hands.

Yeast Pork Pie recipe

13. Frying on medium and small fire is between medium and low fire, and fry on both sides until golden brown. Be careful when turning it over, as it is softer.

Yeast Pork Pie recipe

14. Add a small half bowl of warm water along the side of the pot, cover the pot and simmer until the water is dry.

Yeast Pork Pie recipe


1. Different brands of flour have different water absorption properties, so the amount of water is not absolute. If the dough is too wet, add some flour, add some water when it's dry, add a little bit at a time, don't add too much at a time, otherwise it will become like in the joke story, a small dough becomes a big pot.
2. If there are always obvious pores in step 7,


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