Carrot Shreds recipes

Radish Seaweed Soup

Carrot Shreds, Enoki Mushroom, Kelp

Seafood Pimple Soup

White Clam Meat, Flour, Carrot Shreds

Prawn Soup with Meatballs

Meatballs, Prawns, Carrot Shreds

Seafood Marinated Noodles

Hara Meat, Hara Soup, Soda Noodles

Crispy Radish Patties

All-purpose Flour, Yeast, Warm Water

Pastoral Potato Cakes

Potato, Carrot Shreds, Celery

Lanque Milk▕ Cheese Milk Egg Cake

Lanque Milk, Egg, Carrot Shreds

Cold Skin

Liangpi, Chinese Cabbage, Carrot Shreds

Fresh Vegetable Noodles

Egg Noodles, Egg, Meat Sauce

Dried Fish and Shrimp and Carrot Cake

Sticky Rice, Mushroom, Carrot Shreds

Vegetarian Stir-fried Dried Shreds

Marinated Dried Tofu, Carrot Shreds, Chaotian Pepper