Green Onion Oil recipes

Beef Noodle Soup

Beef Soup, Noodles (raw), Salt

Winter Melon Soup

Winter Melon, Water, Five Spice Powder

Pastoral Potato Noodles

Flour, Potato, Carrot

Fried Lotus Root Cake

Lotus Root, Salt, Green Onion Oil

Potato Chip Omelette

Egg, Potato, Carrot

Cucumber Egg Cake

Flour, Cucumber, Egg

Cold Vermicelli with Mung Bean Sprouts

Green Bean Sprouts, Mung Bean Vermicelli, Green Onion Oil

Tomato and Egg Soup

Tomato, Egg, Green Onion Oil

Steamed Celery Leaves

Celery Leaves, Cornmeal (yellow), Flour

Homemade Steamed Ham

Tenderloin, Prawns, Egg

Tossed Gluten

Gluten, Carrot, Vinegar

Coriander Mixed with Gluten

Gluten, Green Onion Oil, Chili Oil

Tossed Gluten

Gluten, Carrot, Vinegar

Hometown Food ~ Cold Noodles

Vermicelli, Cucumber, Small Tomatoes