Pear recipes


Chinese Cabbage, Pear, Apple

Tremella and Sydney Soup

Tremella, Pear, Red Dates

Sydney Astragalus Laoya Soup

Duck, Astragalus, Pear

Sweet Fruit Soup

Apple, Pear, Orange

Nutritional Sydney Soup

Pear, Walnut, Red Dates

Sydney Stewed with Rock Sugar

Pear, Crystal Sugar, Water

Sai Cantaloupe

Pear, Cucumber, Hawthorn Cake

Northeast Cold Noodles

Dried Noodles, Tomato, Cucumber

Kumquat Tremella Pear Soup

Tremella, Kumquat, Pear

Rock Sugar Pomelo Pear Soup

Grapefruit, Pear, Crystal Sugar

Rock Sugar Lily and Sydney Soup

Crystal Sugar, Pear, Lily

Sydney Lily Chuanbei Soup

Pear, Fresh Lily, Crystal Sugar

Sydney Red Date Soup

Red Dates, Pear, Crystal Sugar

Horseshoe Snow Pear White Fungus Soup

Water Chestnuts, Pear, Tremella