Sushi Nori recipes

Egg Seaweed Rice Roll

Rice, Egg, Cucumber

Unagi Sushi

Rice, Glutinous Rice, Sushi Radish

Two-color Ruyi Roll (required for New Year's Eve Dinner)

Pork Filling, Peanut Oil, Purple Cabbage

Luncheon Meat and Seaweed Rice

Sushi Nori, Cucumber, Luncheon Meat

Curry Fried Rice

Rice, Potato, Egg

Fancy Sushi

Rice, Sushi Nori, Sushi Vinegar

Korean Spicy Sushi

White Rice, Ham Sausage, Cucumber

Potato and Egg Sushi

Rice, Egg, Potato

Colorful Sushi

Sushi Nori, Rice, Sushi Vinegar

Zao Yuren's House | Fairy Matching [kamaboko & Sushi]

Sushi Nori, Jingzhou Fish Cake, Carrot

Zongzi Fried Rice Ball

Vegetable Egg Fried Rice, Sushi Nori

Cod Salad Rice Ball Light Fat Bento

Warm Rice, Cod Fillet, Lettuce

Tuna and Seaweed Rice (lazy Version)

Canned Tuna, Salad Dressing, Rice

Seaweed Toast Roll

Toast, Egg, Sushi Nori

Seaweed Omelette Rice

Rice, Spinach, Egg