Tofu with Soy Sauce recipes

Old Tianjin Weisu Dumplings

Flour, Bean Sprouts, Sumao

Lizi Halogen Noodles

Lizi, Wide Vermicelli, Parsley

Beef with Sauce

Beef (fore Tendon), Shallot, Ginger

Old Beijing Rice Noodle Meat

Pork Belly, Rice, Glutinous Rice

Homemade Pancakes

High-gluten Noodles, Water, Egg

Spicy Skewers Incense Hot Pot

Fresh Shrimp, Bean Curd, Fresh Mushroom

Beef with Sauce

Tendon Of Cow, Green Onion Ginger, Aniseed

Cilantro Carrot Balls

Radish, Upland Radish, Carrot

Meat: Braised Pork with Soy Sauce and Dried Beans

Pork Belly, Tofu With Soy Sauce, Ginger