Yuan Zhen Sugar recipes

Sweet and Sour Soup

Black Fungus, Pineapple, Shallot

Northeast Pearl Soup

Flour, Spinach, Salt

Millet Pumpkin Soup

Millet, Pumpkin, Yuan Zhen Sugar

Pizza Flavor Risotto

Rice, Diced Potato (dehydrated), Tomato

Amaranth Noodles

Amaranth, Flour, Cucumber

Egg and Tomato Noodles

Ketchup, Egg, Bell Pepper

Dry Noodles

Diced Potato (dehydrated), Vermicelli, Salt

Noodles with Beans

Pork, Noodles (raw), Cowpea

Choi Ding Noodles

Noodles (raw), Celery, Diced Potato (dehydrated)

Toon Dry Noodles

Toon, Green Bean Sprouts, Salt

Scallion Noodles

Onion, Shallot, Corn Oil

Assorted Noodles

Flour, Lamb, Salt

Cold Noodles

Noodles (raw), Salt, Soy Sauce

Refreshing Cold Noodles

Green Bean Sprouts, Cucumber, Carrot

Seafood and Vegetable Noodles

Shrimp, Celery, Noodles (raw)